Friday, October 20, 2006

Vectrix Electric Maxi-Scooter nearing release

Ladies and Gentledragons, we have reached critical mass! (OK, well maybe this only applies to those of us obsessed with the obvious potential superiority of cool two-wheeled forms of personal transport.)
Pretty soon we are going to have to stop bitching about how the rest of the world gets all the cool scoots, and we get Honda Metros and moutain bikes that cost even more. Not only are we gonna see the sweet return of the Vespa fenderlight, and the cutting edge handling of the Piaggio MP3, but Vectrix's 62 mph 68mile range electric maxi-scoot is due to be unvieled soon, and they have already promised a stateside release not too long after those crafty Europeans get theirs.
Of course the Dragon does'nt have mixed feelings about this all, considering he just got a 25 year old Vespa, that after months of waiting and work is just about to be leagal and functional... no, not at all.
(Grumble, grumble, grumble... I'll show them, once I'm done painting it all sweet and custom, everyone will jealous of me...grumble, grumble, grumble.)

from Vectrix's email:
VECTRIX is proud to announce the worldwide launch of its revolutionary high-powered electric maxi-scooter at:
The 64th International Motorcycle ExhibitionEICMAMilan, ItalyNovember 14-19, 2006
Maximum Performance:
Breathtaking Acceleration (0-50 mph in 6.8 sec.)
Long Range (68 miles on a single charge)
Lightning Fast (top speed 62 mph)
Zero Emissions:
Clean (emission free)
Silent (100% electric)
Free (from oil dependency and urban congestion)
Stay tuned for details on how to confirm your reservation for one of the first Vectrix maxi-scooters.
Confirmations accepted beginning November 1st.
Countdown to Launch...
Visit today.

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