Sunday, October 29, 2006

Schweet Mono-Wheel Online Museum

Motorwheels Monowheels

Doesn't this look like something Apple design savant John Ives would come up with, if he applied his talents to transport? (Speaking of which, John, should you ever decide to take on the challenge of transportation industrial design, the Dragon would like to officially throw his Stetson into the ring as a participant in that salon/skunkworks.)
But no, this amazingly elegant, modern design is a product from W. Jackson et Compagnie of Boulevard Malherbes 36, Paris, dated 1869.
Check out the link, there are some really mind-blowing examples of human ingenuity to be found here. This also happens to be a place to find more info on that sweet steam-punk motorized monowheel I featured a while back.

Well I'll be jiggered, with a very large jigger, indeed.

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