Monday, October 02, 2006

Triumph Tessy

Wow, this is a gorgeous bike. This is the prettiest vintage scooter I've seen in ages. And some lucky so-and-so picked up off a Ebay for $475.
Poor bastard he'll never find parts... it'll just end up gathering dust in his garage... Oh, who am I kidding!? I'm so jealous!

Here are some stats on it.


Anonymous said...

Hi It's me he "Lucky So-and-so" It has taken a while, but I have found all the parts but one bitty little headlight bezel ( I will find that!) Oh and it olny took me about 15 minutes to get it running LOL, Yup this scoot was a lucky find. I love the sweatshirts you are selling!!!!

Best Wishes
John D.
In Massachusetts

Honky-Tonk Dragon said...

Good on you John!
Hope I'm luck enough to see it in person some day.