Sunday, October 29, 2006

pjchmiel's Ramble 2006 Photo Gallery

Scooters and Cameras, they go together like PB and J. (Or as the Dragon prefers it PB, banana, and honey.)
You have probably figured out by now that long-distance scooter-touring is something of a fantasy of mine. I think I've even linked to PJ Chmiel's Ramble 2006 before (though I can't dig it up right now.) Well he's finished his wanderjahr and got a huge Flickr gallery of pics from the trip. These are worth checking out. As one of the design geniuses behind the hiply retro Genuine Scooters, and ScooterWorks websites, PJ has a great eye for the cool old signage and uniquely American architecture that once made touring the back country roads of this nation so cool. There are a few scooter shots in here, but much more of it is a reminder of a fading time before everywhere was Home Depot/Starbucks/ Wal-Mart strip malls.

(This photo is the legshield mural on PJ's Stella, "Ramblin' Man." Honky-Tonk Dragon, who can settle down and be doin' just fine til he hears an old train rollin' down the line, heartily approves.)

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pj said...

Chad, Flickr screwed up my initial RAMBLE photoset (the one you linked to) so I deleted it and made a more concise, best-of set here.

Bad links are known to be the Devil's Workshop. Thanks!