Sunday, October 15, 2006 » Staying warm » Staying warm

Now here's a blog after the Dragon's scaly little heart, scooters and photography!
There's a great post over there about windchill and roadspeed. Required reading, if like the Dragon, you are a foul weather scooterists for whom the season never ends.

Even with the weather turning colder, I’m still determined to ride! The problem is keeping warm, though. Wind chill really makes a huge difference, and hypothermia is a genuine threat when you are riding. For instance, if it is 40 degrees F outside, and I’m riding along at 40 mph, it’s going to feel like 27 degrees F. If the temperature is 30, and I’m riding at 40mph, it will feel like 13. (Actually there appear to be old and new windchill charts. On the old chart the numbers would have been 10 and -5 degrees, respectively. I’m inclined to believe the older chart!)

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