Monday, October 16, 2006

The Device Proceess Indicator

The Device, a totally superfluous, totally gorgeous, geegaw for your information processing machine, that is all over the gadget-obsessed regions of Blogistan lately. Two analog dials, an "etheral glowing tube" which luminesces at five different intensities, and one red indicator which can be set to on, off, or flashing. The whole thing plugs into your 'puter via USB, and all four indicators are totally configurable. One of my favorite features in OS X is the floating graphic display of CPU usage, this is an over-the-top steampunk version of that, and so much more. Luckily, I have no room currently for something this steampunk-otaku. No MSRP or release date as of this time.

From the FAQ:

Q: What do you mean by "configured to display", exaclty?
A: A picture is worth a thousand words.
Here is a screenshot of the control software for an example of how it all works. The configuration screen shows dial #1 being set to monitor stock prices over the web.

Q: But nothing else I have plugged into my computer looks like this? Are there any electrodes to attach to my temples or something?
A: Please refer to the first question. The Device 's foremost purpose is to give you the satisfaction of owning a beautiful, handcrafted piece of invented history. If Nikola Tesla were alive today, he would most likely be our first customer. As for electrodes...we'll look into it.

Q: The Ethereal Glowing Tube (EGT) looks like it might be radioactive or something. Is it?
A: No, it's not radioactive!

Q: How integral a role can the Device play in my secret plans to take over the world?
A: The Device can be used for good or evil. Please only use the Device for good.

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