Tuesday, October 10, 2006

DIY Bicycle Trailer

Just so all you non-motorized two-wheelers out there don't feel left out.

I'd always wanted some sort of utility trailer for my bike, but it took getting rid of my car to really get the project in gear. The idea was to find a Rubbermaid container big enough in which to fit all of my Hand drums, and build the trailer around that. (What great fun I had in the store, pulling all the large containers to the floor and measuring them!) I got the design idea from a neat book called "The Cart Book, with Plans and Projects" by William L. Sullivan (which I believe is out of print, but I discovered it at the local library). The design calls for using electrical conduit (EMT) pipe for the frame, and electrical box covers (with slots cut into them) are used as axle plates (by bending them around the tube). EMT pipe is not expensive (five bucks for a ten foot length), but I wanted to recycle where possible, so I got mine for two bucks per from a local scrap metal place.

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