Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The Dragon and his favorite lady take a mini-vacation

You might have noticed it's been a couple of days since my last post. I've been in Seattle for the last couple days, spoiling my favorite human rotten, and driving myself to the poorhouse!
It was Jes's b-day Sunday, so I took her to Teatro ZinZanni in Seattle, for an excellent dinner and a show all rolled into one. We wanted to stay at the Ace Hotel, but it was booked up, so instead we spent Sunday night at the Hotel Max, which was probably a little swankier, (the price certainly was...)
After check-out yesterday, we hooked up with Mage and Gretchen for Irish coffees overlooking the bay. Then we went back to their lovely crib, to sample their wonderful wine collection, eat Indian food, and waste away an afternoon and evening in relaxed pleasant conversation.
We would both like to thank Gretchen and Mage for their hospitality, open access to their wine cellar, and use of their couches. We both also extend hear-felt apologies to Sawny, our Siamese, for leaving him unattended for so long.

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