Sunday, October 01, 2006

2007 Suzuki Burgman 400 Review

A very thorough review of the comfy Burgman 400. As I was saying in the previous post, it is a very comfortable scoot, even for the more long-legged scooterist. But not too comfortable, yes, it looks like a lazee-boy on wheels, but I really doubt you'll fall asleep in this thing, you'd be having too much fun. While it certainly is big, it's easier to handle and move around at low speeds than you would imagine, which is important to me. I like smaller, nimble bikes, not huge half-ton monsters. I'm not fond of the hump that is showing up in the middle of the floor boards of more and more modern scoots, and the Burg 400's hump is about as big as I can tolerate. Humps taller than that, and I wonder why they didn't just make it a motorcycle.

It turns out the average Burgman 400 rider has 12.4 years of riding experience under his or her belt, is 52.1 years of age, and has a household income of $71,884. Compare those figures to the rates of Suzuki's typical motorcycle owner: 12.1 years of riding experience, 38 years old, and $60,750 household income; and you don't have to be a statistics professor to draw some pretty general conclusions. For one, the Burgman ranks are made up of an older crowd. Another number that jumped out during Suzuki's presentation was the number of women riders making up the Burgman demographic, with 24% of the Burgman 400 customers hailing from the fairer sex compared to 12% of Suzuki's overall motorcycle owners. Another significant number is that extra $11,134 in income which, when combined with a more tempered outlook on street riding, makes the $5,899 MSRP an attractive one for those seeking a sensible form of two-wheeled transport.

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