Wednesday, October 18, 2006

ABC News: Behind the Secrets of 'Lost'

ABC News: Behind the Secrets of 'Lost'

Klintron, over at Technoccult turned me on to this very long interview with the creators of "Lost", wherein they discuss lessons learned from the "failures" of "Twin Peaks" and "The X-Files," and the "success" of the "Star Wars Holiday Special." Confused? Well if you care enough about the show and geek culture to be confused you should check out the interview. Both entertaining and educational.

LINDELOF: ...But it's a very organic process. We feed off of what we see so you see a character like Desmond all of a sudden he becomes a regular in Season 3 as does Michael Emerson who played Henry Gale because they were both so incredible and so wonderful that we ended up deciding that we were going to tell more stories with them than we had originally planned. We always are listening to what the show is telling us it wants us to do. We are not the masters. We are in concert with all these other forces in trying to guide the show. But the show has its own ideas about where it wants to go.

TAPPER: Does the show talk to you?

CUSE: The show does, it talks to me often but I'm medicating and that helps a lot.

ABRAMS: It's been talking to me this entire time and it's telling me to kill you.

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