Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Two Gallants incident in Houston

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Ok, I just found out about this.

"On Friday October 13, 2006, Adam and Tyson got into a dispute with the Houston Police. A policeman came into the venue and immediately got on stage. The policeman then started to confront Adam and after a short while, threw him down on the stage. The policeman then got up and immediately called for backup. The policeman also started thrashing around and destroying musical equipment. Afterwards, members from the crowd and the opening bands started confronting the police officer. The police officer then proceeded to harass and taze members of the crowd, including one 14-year old teenager. Adam then ran out of the venue and disappeared into the streets. Tyson was handcuffed and peacefully entered the police car. Soon, helicopters and police cars flooded into the venue parking lot. Arrests were made of members of the opening bands and dissenting crowd members. Reports say that a total of six people were arrested.
Not much of the reasons for the occurrence of this event are clear. The rumored reason of the initial dispute was because of a noise complaint. This seems highly unlikely since the venue seems to have multiple shows a week. Also, when members of the crowd asked the police officers what the real problem was, the police were extremely vague. One police officer replied, 'You don't need to know.' Members of the crowd intially searched for the officer's badge but none was seen. After some time a crowd member yelled out the badge number 7854. The officer's name is rumored to be Gabriel Rodriguez. At least one Houston local media station ran the story according to official police reports. These reports say that the band members initiated the confrontation. This is clearly untrue since there are multiple accounts of the police officer first throwing Adam to the ground. "

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