Sunday, October 22, 2006

Yamaha Fuel Cell Prototype Scooter

This is a sweet little concept scoot, equivalent to a 125cc

This time refers exhibits FC-AQEL to apply electromotive technology than past and control technology and the environmental corresponding technology etc which are cultivated, hydrogen fuel cell Yamaha hydrogen fuel cell system of this corporation individual development was loaded, it is the fuel cell bicycle which is suitable to the 125cc class whose is widely used in the bicycle market of the world.  While being proud of high efficiency and output where it is by the hybrid system of the accumulator, actualizing small size light weight conversion by adopting the metal separator for the fuel cell. You have aimed toward sufficient range by loading high pressure hydrogen tank 2 of 35MPa onto the fuel. In addition, the drive section the super thin-shaped power unit which is cultivated with the electric commuter (YIPU) applies technology, (1) the super flat brush less DC motor, (2) collects the microminiature controller and (3) the planetary reduction gear etc to the rear wheel hub, furthermore the rear arm assures compact conversion by the fact that you design just, handiness of the bicycle has been compatible that way power efficiency and miniaturization.

via The Scooter Scoop

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