Tuesday, October 03, 2006

GTVs and GT60s Coming to the States!

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Evil, evil Piaggio! I'm like two weeks away from having Jes and I's vintage Vespas legal and operational, and not only is Piaggio releasing the MP3 in the States early next year, but they are also going to release the GTV here later this year, as well as sending 250, of the only 999 GT60s to be made, to our shores... Hmmm... Modern 250cc automatic Fenderlight Vespa, or cutting edge, best cornering and braking vehicle on the planet... The Dragon is all a flutter. This almost makes up for all those awesome hybrid and electric concept vehicles that never really materialize...

Other news you can find on the Vespa KC blog, yes the MP3 is coming to our shores, but it will called something different.

Vespa is announcing two new vintage styled scooters for 2007, the LXV 150 and the GTV 250. Based on the LX 150 and GTS 250 respectively, these scooters come in a vintage grey color with brown split seat and other vintage styling cues. These scooters will show up some time in late 2006 as 2007 model year units. MSRP of $5799 and $6799.There is also a very limited edition version of the GTV 250 called the GT 60 (honoring Vespa's 60th anniversary). Only 999 GT 60 scooters are being built, and only 250 of those are coming stateside. So if you want the ultimate in a modern era collectible Vespa, this is it. With only 250 coming (meaning about one per dealer), you might want to get your name on one now. By the time they show up at dealers, they will no doubt already be spoken for. It won't come cheap, but it comes with all sorts of great extras including:
Numbered limited edition number plate
Silver plate with customer's initials
Specail edition of the book "Vespa, Italian Style for the World"
Leather key fob
Leather document wallet
Satin vehicle cover
Original sketch of the Vespa GT 60

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B. Teman said...

This is one cool blog. I liked the zebra striped mini car in the previous post. Wonder if we'll ever see anything like that here in America.


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