Saturday, October 28, 2006

Wake up America: Podcast Interview with Wes Clark

Wake up America, has an hour and 15 minute podcast with an interview with Wes Clark. These fine women have a great show, and I recommend you listen to the whole thing. But if you are a die-hard Clarkie the first part of Kathy's interview with Clark starts at 22:28 and ends at 25:13. He talks mostly about foreign policy, but thankfully he includes the Palestinian issue as one that must be faced dipolmatically, as must Iraq, Iran, and North Korea, to both secure world peace, and regain American respect abroad. There is a second part, which is far more personable, as Kathy as mother, asks for Clark's advice, as a military veteran, on how to talk to her son, also a West Point Graduate, who is currently stationed in Tikrit. The second part starts at 35:15 and ends 36:06. I couldn't hold back the tears, when afterwards Kathy attempts to announce the death of one of her son's friends and classmates in Iraq. And the political conversation of these women afterwards...

... I'm sorry... the Dragon may be a cold-blooded scooter-obsessed monster, but this just broke my hard reptilian heart. I can understand the testosterone-driven urge that causes one to want to fight and die for an honorable cause, for the greater good, but as a member of this Democratic society, I also understand that it is our duty to ensure that those fine, self-sacrificing individuals not be asked to risk all for causes that aren't honorable.
And that, my friends, is the true meaning of patriotism, and supporting our troops.

Really though, listen to the whole podcast, play it as you check your email, and surf your regular sites. It's worth your time.

The Ladies, after enumerating our losses of civil liberities, ask "where is the press?" Well, my fair ladies, I'm only a lowly drake, but I'll spread the word.
Anybody else feel like stepping up to plate?

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