Thursday, October 05, 2006

Top 10 Lies told to Naive Artists and Designers

Just like every high-school kid should be required to know how to balance a checkbook and write a resume before graduation, every art/design school student should be required to take some small business management classes before they take that sheepskin out into cold harsh world. Sometimes it seems that every other kind of business person looks at creative people as sheep waiting to be fleeced. Most of these things are basic commonsense for any normal businessperson, but you artists are different, because they're doing something they love, they're having fun, it's not REAL work. I'm only guessing this is what these people must think. I swear the "exposure equals payment" arguement must be taught the first week of MBA classes or something.

3 "Do this for us and you'll get great exposure! The jobs will just pour in!"
Baloney. Tell a plumber "Install this sink and my friend will see and you'll get lots of business!" Our plumber friend would say "You mean even if I do a good job I have to give my work away to get noticed? Then it isn't worth the notice." Also the guy would likely brag to everyone he knows about how this would normally cost (X) dollars, but brilliant businessman that he is he got if for free! If anyone calls, they'll expect the same or better deal.

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