Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Well I've been promising (at least to myself) posts on electric scooters, so I might as well start with the best. The Vectrix is the embodiment for the Dragon of a techno-lust wet-dream that has been deeply cherished for at least ten years.

I was the first to get to check it out, riding ‘passenger’ so that the controls could be explained to me by Jim without any noise from an engine to distract. Whoa! Swift acceleration on this baby is breathtaking! As we took off from a standstill, I braced myself by holding onto the rails located at the back of the bike, but soon found I needed to hang on to something a bit more solid; like the driver. Going 0-50 in 6.8 seconds is pretty impressive anytime, but on the back of a bike with nothing but open sky above and blurred pavement below, it felt more like flying! Scooters are different to motorbikes and motorcycles in how they move and feel, and that’s why I compare riding the Vectrix to flying. Whoo-woo!

The Vectrix has been teetering on the edge of Vaporware for a while now, Spring this year was promised for a while, then they were saying Summer, so... On top of that list on this baby is like $8k. But you now, even though the Dragon thinks its as ugly as sin, he'd sell his soul (if he had one) for this bike. Technically it's perfect for his needs (and a lot of other peoples we bet)and well, maybe it could be ratted up a bit?

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