Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Klintron’s Brain » » Why blog?

Klintron’s Brain » » Why blog?

Nice post from everybody's favorite soon to be post-human, Klintron about his various motivations for blogging. This is something I have been thinking about for awhile now. I won't go too indepth, right now, Klint has been blogging a lot longer than I, and to a certain degree, he is my blogger mentor. He also links to a good rumination by bOINGbOING's Cory Doctrow, on the same topic, which touches on some of my motivations as well.
Originally, this blog was meant as a storing house/creative journal, for a comics project that has really been moved to the back burner. Overtime it has developed into a much more free form entity, yet in ways it still sticks to some of the original motivations. It is a storing house of links for my various researches and obsessions, and (though this aspect is still the most embryonic) a promotional platform for my creative work (more on that in the coming months.) But it is also a soapbox for other ideas and opinions, and a kind of open letter to friends and family who are too far away, a way of sharing with them the various directions my thinking is taking, without forcing them to sign up for myspace.
Oh, and yes, scooters...
I am very resistent to defining this blog too much. I'd like for people who are familar with it to think of Honky-Tonk Dragon as it's own adjective, as it's own category. Rather than being something that can be easily described, I'd rather it be an aesthetic that is felt. A kind of organic online entity.

Or you can just think of it as a web-portal from an alternative universe, where Zen-Punk-Cowboys trade scooter repair tips and graphic novels with Gourmet-Hermetic-Drag-King-Poets, and Anarchistic-Librarian-Juggler-Pirates. It really is just an exercise to jump-start my creativity, to remind me of all the kooky neat stuff out there just on the edge of the mainstream. It's a place to get serious about your silliness, and silly about your seriousness.

From Klintron's Brain:

I’m not a disciplined writer. I don’t write every day. I’ve had some articles published here and there, but I’m far from being a professional writer. Sometimes I think about quitting writing forever. Sometimes I’ll go months without writing. But somehow it always creeps back in, something will creep into my head and I’ll have to write it down. It may be a few paragraphs or a few pages, but every so often it happens and I can’t really help it.
I suppose, ultimately, the same is true of blogging. There are a number of reasons to blog, but probably an equal number of reasons not to. Sometimes I think about shutting ‘em all down, selling my domain names, and finding a more productive hobby. I did sell one of my blogs, but I don’t have any intention of giving up any of the others, and even if I did, I’d probably just keep blogging somewhere else.

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