Sunday, October 22, 2006

New Hampshire Presidential Watch: Clark: Bush is blind to reality

New Hampshire Presidential Watch
A site that tracks all potential presidential candidates in the Granite State during the months leading up to the First-In-The-Nation Primary... is tracking Wes Clark.

Clark made the following comments:

"This is some new fabrication of American policy that we won't talk to people we disagree with. Are we too weak to talk to them? Are we afraid that we might not prevail with our principles? It's time for the United States of America to show leadership."

"This administration is blind to the realities of the world we live in."

"The greatest gift we could have given Osama bin Laden was to invade Iraq ... It helped him recruit and train a new generation of fanatics. The number of terrorists has increased by two and a half times since 9/11. There is no terrorist gene. People are not born as terrorists. They become that way and we don't want to feed the recruiting process."

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