Sunday, October 15, 2006

Touring on a Burgman 400

LA to Vegas on a Scooter. Actually I think this done all the time, but it's a nice little article, even though it's heavy on the "beat the high price of gas" angle.

From the looks I got, you’d think I was riding a unicorn. I was riding a scooter, breezing along at a brisk 80 mph on the sort of in-the-sticks highway with two sorts of signs: the ones that give the speed limit and the ones that say, "Next gas 36 miles."
Think you can’t tour on a scooter? Suzuki’s Burgman 400 has been proving it’s possible since 2003, when the manufacturer brought its Burgman maxiscooters to the U.S. Now, for its ’07 model, Suzuki has upped the ante, with power, handling and emissions improvements that show it isn’t just possible to scoot this four-stroke single across town or country; it’s a kick.

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