Monday, October 30, 2006

Hitch50 - Hitchhiking to 50 state capitals in 50 days or less

Hitch50 - Hitchhiking to 50 state capitals in 50 days or less

I just love this! This is why God, or Al Gore, invented the internets... (and really, if you think about it, if there was a patriarchal gendered Diety, wouldn't he be more like Al Gore, than Charleton Heston in the 10 commandments? You know, kinda square, wholesome, good intentioned, telling you to eat your veggies, and drive an electric PEV instead of an SUV?)

Anyway, Scotty and Fiddy have thus far logged 25 states in 21 days. Not too shabby. The Dragon has logged a few thousand miles on his thumb-talon in his day, and is glad to see what was once a grand tradition of American youth reclaimed from the mostly urban-legend fueled terror it has come to be seen as. And when you think about it, wireless technology really does open up the potential for hitching to become a hip and safe means of opening up new adventures and new friends.

From their site:

The rules of Hitch50 are simple. We can't pay for ANY transportation. And we must get a photo in front of every state capitol building in 50 days or less. Most importantly, we must provide reader of our website with original content at least once every day and at least once every state. ...
Why are we doing this? We both just graduated college and didn't exactly pursue the typical business jobs our classmates were chasing, so we needed something to do. Something fun to do, which involved traveling and meeting people and sharing experiences with them. So... we decided to hitchhike to every state capital, in 50 days or less. This gives us the opportunity to meet fun people and see fun places all over the USA. During the process we'll also get the opportunity to neglect sleep, nutrition and exercise for almost two months....which is awesome.
The map at the top of our home page shows our current location, with updates every few seconds. The map comes from the GPS chip in our cell phone, and links our location to this web site. If you zoom in you can see the exact building we're in, or the exact corner we just took on the's actually really creepy. Click the map to expand it and check out the other features we've added.

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