Wednesday, November 22, 2006

They Might Be Giants - The Long Grift

They Might Be Giants - The Long Grift

Here's a rare one for you. I'd never heard or seen it before.

Rare promo video for They Might Be Giants' cover of 'The Long Grift' from the musical 'Hedwig And The Angry Inch', released on the charity tribute album 'Wig In A Box'. This video is one of the very few TMBG promos never to appear on a DVD release. Puppets by the Deeply Felt Puppet Theater.

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Anonymous said...

Nice to know SOMEONE in the world besides me even knows who They Might Be Giants is. Have loved them since a home-recorded tape was given to me in the mid-80's. The last song on the tape, World's Address, was cut-off shortly after starting. Now, when ever I hear any of the versions of World's Address, I remember only knowing the first line for years and wondering what the song was like.