Friday, November 03, 2006

Finally you puny humans make furnishings fit for the Dragon!!!


Be warned the site for these is in French, so unless you've managed to keep your High-School Francaise current by listening to Avante-Gard Franco-Hip-Hop, you might be a little lost. Or maybe not, the layout of the site is fairly intuitive, and the images are clear and plentiful. Basically huge stone shaped cushions. There are even some that look like great big river smoothed skipping stones, except when I say big, I mean big enough to function as a bed for two sprawling adults. Apparently they are available in wool, neoprene or fleece covers, but are only available in France. Jes, the next time we move, can we fill the nest with these? Good excuse for a European vacation, no?

And look at the girl in this picture. These just seem like a wonderful way to have kid-friendly furnishings. (er... ahem, definitely "kids-of-all-ages") Can you think of a better environment for curling up and reading some Asterix?

via Retrothing

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