Friday, November 24, 2006

Combat Commuter: Scootouring

Combat Commuter: Scootouring

John over at Combat Commuter has put up a long post detailing a four and half hour trip from Tallahassee, Florida to Mobile, Alabama. It's actually a fairly indepth review of his Scarabeo 500 as well.

This was really a test trip, to see how she would do on the freeway. As soon as I pulled onto I-10, I knew this scoot could go anywhere. I accelerated up to 80MPH, and enjoyed cruising along with the traffic with ease. Kristen had already left earlier in the day while I was at work, so I did not have to worry about her keeping up with me. I had heard from other maxi-scoot owners that wind from the rigs would throw me around a bit, but it really didn't bother me. My BMW was certainly blown around more than Beo. Everything was smooth at 80MPH. Now, Beo has rougher suspension than most bikes I have had, but that is attributable to both the weight capabilities and the engine/swingarm setup. That's alot of weight to swing up and down when the rear wheel hits a bump. However, I have found that she smooths out considerably with a bit of load or a passenger.

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It's good to see someone is reading my work. I try to get over here often, but it takes too long to load-up on my computer at home, so I check-in at school.