Friday, November 17, 2006

Nice news story on the SCA

This is a CBS Sunday Morning news story on Gulf War in Mississppi. One of the better representations of SCAdian life that I've ever seen in the media. The Dragon doesn't really play anymore, but has a friend at work who does, who turned him on to this clip. (Thanks Gavin!) Lots of great melee and siege footage.


Anonymous said...

I've partied with the Miss SCAdians and they are a fun lot!

Can't believe we never did an event together! Woo Lord.

Brief Member of The House Of The Smoldering Tanqard!

Iain De Sane

√Čamon said...

Huh. Well, I guess the key to getting a favorable news story about the SCA is to send a reporter who is a bigger dork than the people he's covering. This story makes me miss the SCA.