Monday, November 20, 2006

I'm Naked from the Waist Down! (File under gloriously self-defeating)

So, after like a week of trying to find some decent way of keeping my legs warm, dry and protected that won't make me feel like a total dweeb, I found out Corazzo has a new jacket. (see below.) Dang! I wish they made scooter pants! So I sent them this email. Why is this self-defeating? The punch line is at the end.

Why is finding a decent way to keep my legs dry and warm such a pain in my toukkiss?
So since MetroScoot is no more, do you still have TermScuds? Will you be getting them? I'd rather give y'all the markup than some random network of EU shipping agents.
Or wait, better yet, y'all should come up with your own line(s) of pants. Come on, the only things out there that don't look drain bamaged are the Draggin Jeans. But for Buddha's Sake! I'm a daily rider, what am I supposed to have like seven pair? (Wait there's no way I'd do laundry once a week...)
Please, Brandon! I see your posts on Modern Vespa. I know you know what I'm talking about. Ya gotta be feeling me on this one. Hell maybe you already have something in the works.
C'mon, you know you wanna... Hell, maybe you already are! Thor-only-knows you been cranking out the new jackets lately. I've barely broken in my 5.0, just got my sweetie a bomber, and now I wanna get both us Shop Jackets. ***Sigh***
Better to have too many options than too few or none.
But pants for scooterists are non-existent.
Scooterists need pants!
Seriously, you've planted your flag. You have carved a unique niche in riding gear. I hope you continue to expand it. I think people would pay for a pant that could easily be worn over your daily wear, but that you'd be tempted to just leave on. I know I would.

Thanks for listening to me rant. I have also just contacted you, through the "employment" link. I'm not just shooting off at the mouth, I'd love to see some of the above ideas come to light.

Note: the original email had some more specific ideas for scooterist trousers, which I have deleted from this post. I gotta have something to bargain with, right?

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