Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The Piaggio MP3 on steriods!

The Piaggio MP3 on steriods!

Now here is some of the big news from EICMA 2006, the new Gilera Fuoco (Italian for Fire). Based on the MP3 (Gilera is owned by Piaggio) this is a 500cc version of the MP3, the styling of which looks a lot more like the naked pictures of the MP3 which were circulating a while back. This is one sick looking scoot! No word yet, again!, on if it will come to the US of A, but we can dream, can't we? Really with 500cc s and the front end suspension and brakes of the MP3 this is a true 365 daily rider. Hell, I bet with an experienced rider this thing, it would be safer on winter roads than a cager!

A company spokesman said: “The Fuoco’s main advantage over a conventional two wheeled big bore scooter will be handling in the wet or on less than perfect surfaces – the extra wheel will mean it is incredibly stable and less prone to losing front end grip. "Commuting and town work is still likely to be its natural territory, but the added power should make it a better proposition for motorway and A-road work.”

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