Saturday, November 04, 2006

Need some food for my soul

The earlier posts about Bush and Rumsfeld, and the Gnarls Barkley vid, upped a long standing hunger for Soul Food. Since I can't get any greens or beans and rice from J & S Bait & Tackle on Roosevelt in Lil' Rok... I guess I'll just have go for some good ol' Goodie Mob.

I dare your head not to nod.

It's such a blessing when my eyes

Get to see the sun rise

To get further away from where I've been

But I'll never forget everythang I went through

I appreciate the shit because

If I hada went and took the easy way

I wouldn't be the strong dragon that I am today

Everythang that I did

Different thangs I was told

Just ended up being food for my soul.

-The HTD version

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