Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Modern Vespa : NEW VESPA "S" IS HERE !!!!

Modern Vespa : NEW VESPA "S" IS HERE :

A member from Belgium has posted this on Modern Vespa, this is expected to be announced, among other things, by Piaggio at EICMA 2006. This has some of the cleanest, most classic lines of all the modern Vespas, though I still think I prefer the retro nod of the GTV. The link has the best pictures to date of this model. No word yet if this model will be released in the States.

The reduced handlebar on the Vespa S holds a new rectangular headlamp. It’s not the first time we’re seeing a Vespa headlamp in this shape: Vespa fans will remember its use on the extraordinary 50 Special, a teenage icon in the Fabulous Seventies. The front shell is now bigger and hosts a new air intake that confers an aggressive touch to the frontal.
Downsized to highlight the view of the suspension, the mudguard in a new shape features stylish chrome trim for a sleeker look. Its reduced size also puts the wheel and the light alloy wheel rims on display in a tribute to the Vespa S’s performance and technological content.

But it is the front shield that has gone through the most significant changes. It is back to being a two-dimensional structure: no plastics, only the pure lines that have always been the Vespa’s trademark. The very simplicity and minimal thickness of the shield make it a strong design element.
The seat has a new shape with two versions available: a single seat that highlights the vehicle’s racy dynamism or a two-seater for extra comfort and use with a passenger. Both versions are impeccably clad in new upholstery with a classy clear trim to highlight the shape of the seat.
The rear end of the Vespa S has an all-new look: the shape is sleek and simple with a new tail light designed especially for this model to enhance its dynamism.
The minimalist yet striking design and simple yet stylish lines of the Vespa S evoke the fresh, dynamic look that made the Vespa the favourite ride of 1960s and 1970s teenagers.
The front wheel has a diameter of 11” to give the Vespa S stability and the rider an obvious feel of safety. The tubeless tyres measure 110/70 in front and 120/70 on the 10” rear wheel. The braking system is a conventional disk-drum combination. The stainless steel front 200 mm disk brake is gripped by a two-piston caliper and dependably backed up by a 110 mm drum. The 8.6 lire fuel tank is placed inside the chassis without however reducing the underseat storage bay, making it easy to access the engine.

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