Monday, November 13, 2006

It's a Vintage Vespa thing... you wouldn't understand...

Now everbody knows the Dragon loves ink, whether it be printed, crowquilled, rapidographed, or lovingly subdermally injected, but I've long been wary of tats that can't be covered by a business suit or tux. It's not that I'm worried about fitting in or offending those of so-called higher social status with delicate sensitivities. It's more a case, of well, I like to dress to the nines once every year or three, and having "OZZY" scrawled along my knuckles, just seems a little incongruent with a full dress kilt.

All that being said, I'd sport this tat. It is, as the kids say, "tight."

Too bad it's already been done...

found on Stella Speed


justin said...

wow. that's hot... whose tat is that?

Marc said...

haha holy shit, thats me! I was searching for some new tattoo ideas and i must say im a bit taken back! I guess this came off the scooterbbs?

thanks for the complements, the template was etched off my old p200 (since sold) and the piaggio logo was copied off my keychain.

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