Monday, November 20, 2006

Diesel Motorcycle

Diesel Motorcycle

Gizmag has a post up on E.V.A. Motors new production diesel bike. the Production numbers will be low initially, but it looks like they already have a US distributor set up. Bike is engineered to run off Diesel, whatever grade of bio-diesel you desire, or pure plant oil.

The Trackstar T-800CDI is being produced by E.V.A. Products BV Holland and uses the 800cc three cylinder Daimler Chrysler diesel engine used in the smart fortwo diesel, military UAVs and marine applications, matching it with a CVT, frame, driveshaft, running gear and ECU produced in-house. The engine uses a turbocharged intercooled Commonrail direct injection engine and produces a brutal 150Nm of torque - more than anything on the road I.

I really like the Mad-Max, rat-bike aesthetic of this baby. I bet it will do real well with that crowd as well.

The Dutch manufacturer's English site. They also have set aside for their US site, but for now it just forwards you to the British page.

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Anonymous said...

Godawfully awesome! Kinda' BMW/KTM-ish. Wonder what the price will be, and what kinda' MPG it will get...