Monday, November 13, 2006

Eicma 2006 Part one

Brudeli 625L 3-wheeler

I've been putting off posting pre-lease news on several new scoots until the Eicma show Milan starts, since I figured more would coming. Well I guess we are a day away, so I'm gonna start. Here is the first, the Brudeli 625L, a 625cc single cylinder motorcycle that features 2 front wheels on a suspension similar to the forthcoming Piaggio MP3. The two front wheels are further apart than those on the MP3, and this definitely looks like it has been designed for off-roading as well as street-riding.

Scheduled for launch in June 2007, the Brudeli 625L is the product of inventor Geir Brudeli’s engineering creativity and passion for motorcycles. He wanted to design a vehicle that filled the gap between motorcycles and small cars and off-road four wheelers. The result was unique, with two motorcycle tires up front, each slanted in parallel 45-degree angles to the ground when the bike is stopped. The construction allows the rider to lean into corners (as if on a motorcycle) at high speed with substantially more traction than on a motorcycle – at least at the front where it counts – a rear wheel slide is controllable – a front wheel slide usually means crashing.

text from Gizmag; photo gallery here

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