Saturday, November 18, 2006

Holiday Hacker Helper

Holiday Hacker Helper

Those illustrious humanitarians over at LifeHacker, have done a recap of a post from last year that was a quick rundown of processes and free-ware tools you'll need to tune up Ma and Pa's 'puter this holiday. This year they've gathered together all the tools you'll need into one handy-dandy download. Also useful to install on any new systems you might get for Kwanzaa, Tet, Hanukka, Christmas, Saturnalia, or Great-Sky-Dragon-Eats-the-Sun-Gets-Indigestion-and-Burps-it Back-Out-Day.

from this year's post:

Your essential programs for post-turkey family tech support are:
Ad-Aware (adaware.exe)Scan and remove adware and other malicious programs from the PC.
ClamWin (clamwin.exe)Uninstall naggy Norton and replace with the open source anti-virus program ClamWin.
Spybot Search and Destroy (spybot-s&d.exe)Scan and remove spyware and other malicious programs from the PC.
SpywareBlaster (spyware-blaster.exe)Prevent spyware from installing itself on the PC in the future.
CCleaner (ccleaner.exe)Remove the "crap" from your computer - like temporary files, cookies, system logs and programs set to start up with your computer automatically (and slow it down.)

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