Thursday, November 09, 2006

Let's Just Roll all the Good News into One

Good News

Well you might have guessed there's been a lot going on in the Dragon's personal life, so this blog has suffered the last few days. And then I wanted to wait a bit before my post-election post. But the time has come.

You probably already knew that the Dem's took the House, and Rummy's resigning, but now AP and (by default, I suppose the BBC) are calling the photo-finish Virginian Senatorial race for Democrat Jim Webb, by 7,236 votes. Please note that this race has not yet been officially called.

AP called the election for the Democrats after contacting election officials in the state's 134 localities for updated figures.
Correspondents say the call reflects the general view that it will be impossible for any recount to change the outcome.
Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid claimed victory in Virginia.
"The American people have spoken clearly and decisively in favour of Democrats leading this country in a new direction," he said in a statement.
"In Iraq and here at home, Americans have made clear they are tired of the failures of the last six years."
A victory by Mr Webb would give both parties 49 seats in the upper chamber.

Two independents have said they will vote with the Democrats, which would give the party the 51 votes they need to claim a majority for the first time since 2002.
The reported margin of victory in Virginia is small enough for a recount to be possible, but with 99% of votes now counted, it is thought to be virtually impossible for Mr Allen to make up sufficient ground to win.

Via the BBC

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