Thursday, November 16, 2006

New Yamaha scooter

New Yamaha X-City

More shiny newness from Milan...

Well this looks suspiciously like the Piaggio 250cc models (I mean really! Look at that seat), still, it's always nice to see the Japanese producing larger displacement scooters that don't look like a cross between a Goldwing and a Lazee boy. Of course, no word yet on availability to us Damn Yankees.

· Yamaha’s first ‘big-wheel’ Maxi Scooter

· Stylish and sporty bodywork
· Steel tubular U-frame
· Underseat storage compartment
· Glove compartment and carry hook
· Lightweight 6-spoke cast aluminium wheels
· 16-inch front wheel, 15-inch rear wheel
· 120/70-16 front tyre, 140/70-15 rear tyre
· 270 mm diameter front disc, 245 mm diameter rear disc
· 100 mm travel telescopic front forks
· Rear shock gives 105 mm wheel travel
· Comprehensive instrumentation with fuel reserve indicator and digital clock
· 249.78 cc liquid-cooled SOHC 4-stroke single cylinder engine
· Maximum torque developed at only 5800 rpm
· High fuel efficiency
· Low-noise exhaust
· Low-emission, environmentally-conscious design
· Bore x stroke 69.0 x 66.8 mm
· Electronic fuel injection system
· Fully-automatic, constantly variable transmission (CVT)· Durable, quiet-running low-maintenance V-belt final drive
· Outstanding manoeuvrability in crowded city and highway conditions
· EU3 compliant 249 cc liquid-cooled 4-stroke single cylinder engine
· Underseat storage, glove compartment and carry hook
· Lightweight cast aluminium wheels – 16-inch front, 15-inch rear
The new X-City will be available in three different colours: Neptune Blue, Midnight Black and Solid Metal.


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