Sunday, September 03, 2006

Hell's Buddhas (part one)


I'm saving some images just in case Eamon and I ever start that Oly Scooter Gang... er Club, and I convince him we should call ourselves "Hell's Buddhas."

This is Fudo Myo-O, or Acalanatha Vidya Raja. My copy of The Book of Five Rings, has a really blurry image of a wood carving of Fudo by Miyamoto Musashi, that is wonderful.

The patron deity of Japanese swordsmen, Fudo is the representation of the immovable state of mind, that swordsmen try to attain through regular practice. This does not mean to become static, but to be unmoved by the distractions of the illusionary world and to see the ultimate reality beyond the illusions of life and death.

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Eamon said...

Hell's Buddhas is a tempting moniker. Especially since the goddamn roller girls had the same idea I did. I wanted to be an Oly Roller. I even had a logo. Fuck. There's always Bukowski's Boozers. I was toying with the idea of working Corsairs into a name.