Sunday, September 17, 2006

THERECORD.COM | INSIDER | World leaders need code of behaviour, retired general says

THERECORD.COM INSIDER World leaders need code of behaviour, retired general says

Yes, I'm blogging a lot about Wes Clark. I think you'll have to get use to it. No, I'm not endorsing him for president. We don't even know if he'll run, yet. But I agree with what I hear him saying. It gives me hope for the future, and inspires me to find ways to help bring that better future about. So I'm going to share those quotes with you. Because, yes there are other people saying all of this, but I believe there is a certain clout when he says it. This is from his keynote speach at the Centre for International Governance Innovation's second annual conference focused on the world's largest growth economies, including China and India, and issues facing fragile states., yesterday.

"We all understand that when war starts between two states, it should be stopped," he said. "But when states collapse, do we know how pragmatically to intervene?
"Can you live on a small, crowded planet and tolerate not only the inequities, but the injustices and the crimes that occur in some places in the world without being affected and infected by it?"
After the soldiers get control of a troubled country, Clark said, there should be equal priority on a force of non-military people "who go with the guys with the guns" to spur rebuilding and create stability.
"Somehow after 15 years of the post-Cold War, we've been unable to package those missions, whether it's in NATO or the United Nations," he said.
"I can't understand it. We've got to fix it."

Oh, and on another note, I just found out that Wes's job before his 2004 bid for the Democratic nomination, was as CEO for Wavecrest Laboratories, makers of the Tidalforce electric bike, among other EV projects. I just knew I liked this guy.

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