Tuesday, September 12, 2006

More on General Wesley Clark.

Issues and Position Papers WesPAC

Wow! Hits to the Dragon went through the roof today. If you like what you read of Clark's positions, I suggest you check out the more in depth position papers in the above link.
General Clark has stated on many occasions that he will not make a decision on his presidential candidacy until after the 2006 elections. Until then he is focused on helping break the current Republican stranglehold in Washington. And I admire him for that.
After the upcoming elections, however, I do hope he throws his hat in the ring. I think that his voice will raise the quality of debate. I also believe he has the skills and experience to not only win an election, but to do the job well. Sadly these are two different skills that do not always coexist. In any case, I have to say that I admire all the work General Clark is doing for our country and our political system. He is an inspiration to me, that those of us who see there is something wrong with our country need quit sitting on our butts, complaining and laying blame. We need to start figuring out what we can do to help fix what is broken.
And really that is a non-partisan standpoint.
It is the best way we can honor those who lost their lives five years ago, and those who have labored, suffered, and died in the War on Terrorism since then.
And ultimately it is the best way to insure that the terrorists have not, and will not win.
Let's get off our duffs, and start excerising our freedoms, not only to fight off atrophying apathy, but to build stronger and more vigorous freedoms.

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