Friday, September 08, 2006

Mac360 - Friday Freebie Means Five Mac Apps For Free.

Bambi Hambi & Tera Patricks Mac360 - Friday Freebie Means Five Mac Apps For Free.

You all know the Dragon is a selfish, selfish beast, spending his time lounging on a bed of stolen silver and gold. Well, OK, the silver and gold are DVDs, and they aren't stolen, they are fairuse "Backups."
So anyway, this post is for ME, and my future use. Though the great thing about digital knowledge, is that it's undeniable share-ability. So if like me you are interested in finding a relatively painless way to set online databases, maybe you should check this out...
(Yes, Rob I'm talking to you.)

MAMP comes with a built in, drag and drop install application that powers Apache, MySQL, PHP, Turck MMCache, and phpMyAdmin to manage the database.
If all that sounds daunting, don’t be put off. Not only does MAMP run basic PHP applications, it’ll also run the hundreds of Open Source PHP and MySQL applications that were formely the domain of the geekier folks (sorry).

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