Thursday, September 21, 2006

Retired General Wesley Clark

When the Dragon was in High School, he HATED pep rallies. Well some of this video is a pep rally for Texas Democrats. If you don't live in Texas, the first 10 minutes of this will drag. Go grab a beverage and let some of the video load, then come back and speed it ahead. Once Wes gets rollin', ain't no stoppin' him. Most of this is a pep rally for the average American, frustrated, scared, and disappointed to the point of apathy. Wes Clark shows us that there is hope, and that hope is us. If there is to be a change in this country, WE have to make it happen. WE have to speak at the ballots in a voice clear enough to rise above intimidation, and the noise of electoral "pecularities," that we do not agree with the course this country has taken. We can't vote the Republicans out of the Whitehouse (yet) but we can take away their rubber-stamping cronies in Congress. We can, and the Dragon (who hates pep-rallies)is going to become cheerleader enough to say, We MUST.
I just get more and more impressed with Wesley Clark. He is a clear enough speaker, a dynamic orator, able to distill complicated debates into language that I believe every American can understand. Which I think was a lot of Bush's initial appeal in 2000, he was the guy you'd take fishing, while Gore was the guy you'd ask to help with your taxes. But I think Clark is the guy you'd take fishing, and then ask about taxes. He's smart, thoughtful and unpretentious.

radsciencegeek on youtube said this:
Great quotes in his speech throughout!!
"My heart aches when I see where Republicans led by George W Bush has taken this country"
"We went to war in Iraq to cover up the command negligence that led to 9-11! That's the truth!"

"Enough is Enough! ...2006 is not local! It's NATIONAL!"

To which the Dragon will respond with pom-poms in full salute-- "Don't stop believin'!"

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