Monday, September 11, 2006

United States presidential election, 2008 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

United States presidential election, 2008 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Well crap!
I just wrote up a great post on this wikipedia article. It was calm, lucid and without political vitriol.
Yeah, I know, not what you expect from the Dragon. But it's the fifth anniversary of 9/11, and I wanted to be respectful as well as look positively to the future.
But it boiled down to stating Guiliani sounds interesting as a Republican hopeful. However the potential candidate I am excited about is retired General Wesley Clark. Here's some of his thoughts on 9/11:

I'm asking you, on this 5th Anniversary, to think about the future of this country.
All that we could be.
All that we stand for.
All that others have aspired to, is on the line in America, in our political system.
We believed in right, not might.
We believe that international law was inevitable for the future.
We believed that we had to work with neighbors.
We believed that we had to make more friends than enemies.
We believed we should reinforce those that share our values.
We never believed that we should impose our values on others.
Start war where it wasn't necessary.
Alienate friends by bombastic rhetoric.
Ignore allies.
And seek only our self-interests in the world.
I think there are two clear paths ahead. This nation can listen to the dictates of fear and hubris as the administration alternately ignores Al Qaeda and then trumpets their success. Alternately brags about success in Iraq and then ignores it, and all the while beats the tom-toms for war with Iran.
Yes, our country could slide that way if we listen to the dictates of fear. But we have nothing to fear in this country. We're still the greatest power in the world. And we can be the greatest force of good in the world. And we can keep ourselves safe.
I'd like us to resolve on this 5th Anniversary of 9/11, that we as Americans no longer need live in fear. We should live in determination that we'll protect ourselves. Support our friends and allies around the world. Work together to solve the common problems that face mankind. And above all, we'll make sure that at home that we never sacrifice the liberties and rights that define our country. Even in an effort to protect ourselves.
We can have it all. We can do it all.
We just have to be courageous and face the facts as they are and work for the future as we want it to be.

For an older taste of the Gen.'s rhetoric, try his "The Real State of the Union 2006" from 01/30/2006, and see how it strikes you. I REALLY urge you to check the links and read both of these pieces in full.

Fellow Americans, although our nation is incredibly wealthy and uniquely powerful, we are at historic turning point. Facing multiple near term crises and a great and long term challenge to our very identity as Americans, we have critical choices to make.
Will we choose to emphasize boastful rhetoric or constructive engagement abroad? Will we lash out in anger with military force, or will we pursue every reasonable avenue to avoid the terrible destruction of war? Will we "fight fire with fire," relying on the means and techniques of our adversaries, or live and lead by the higher standard of the values we have professed?
At home, will we persist in shortsighted partisanship, or will we follow a stronger vision to the deep reforms needed to secure our future? Will it be selfishness or teamwork that is our rallying cry?
These are the choices before us.
I welcome the opportunity to participate in this great American adventure as we seek our destiny.
America's Beacon of Hope must shine brightly once more, lighting our beloved country and illuminating the whole world.
And if we choose wisely, it will.

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I'm praying that Democrats will understand what it takes to win elections; it takes a warrior, that's what!