Saturday, September 16, 2006

Vespa Ape

For those of you who thought the MP3 was Piaggio's first three wheeler, the Dragon presents you with the Ape The Vespa Ape, an enigma wrapped in a conundrum in the transportation world, is back. Vespa, which of course is Italian for "wasp" has been making the Ape, which is Italian for "bee", betraying it's worker drone aesthetic, a three-wheeled urban utility vehicle for nigh on 50 years. They went away for awhile, but now they are back with a diesel version as well. Wrap your head around that, you eco-hipster! An Urban Utility Vehicle, made by Vespa that you can run on biodiesel! How cool is that!

thanks to The Scooter Scoop for turning the Dragon on to this.

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