Monday, September 11, 2006

BBC NEWS | Americas | 'Unknown' rescuer recounts 9/11

BBC NEWS Americas 'Unknown' rescuer recounts 9/11

Mr Thomas had been out of the Marine Corps for about a year on 11 September 2001.
But when the planes hit the twin towers and they collapsed, he donned his uniform and headed to Ground Zero to help out.
There he met Staff Sergeant David Karnes, another marine, who had had the same idea.
"We approached the pile of rubble carefully and came to a beam about five feet beneath us, and this whole time we were yelling and shouting into the holes 'United States marines, Anyone down there?'" he told the BBC's Today programme. ... Mr Thomas, 32, said he had chosen to remain silent for so many years because: "I really didn't want to discuss the events that took place."
He told the Associated Press in August that he felt that as "a tough marine" he could "deal with it".
"I did deal with it. But, you know, when you're alone it really comes back to haunt you, in the worst way."
He told AP he was no hero. "Those guys who ran up in there and risked their lives, those are heroes".

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