Saturday, September 23, 2006

Young voters -- a wild card in 2006 U.S. elections | Tech&Sci | Technology |

Young voters -- a wild card in 2006 U.S. elections Tech&Sci Technology

I'll say it again, we just saw the tip of the iceberg in 2004. Hell, was friendster even around then? I mean what are social networking sites, but virtual "3rd places", community commons, where a lot of the real politickin' goes on? Do you think there is a prom queen out there who doesn't have a myspace page? Who doesn't organize her campaign through texting? Dean's showing in 2004, and the "draft Clark" campaign, heh heh heh, the Dragon says you ain't seen nothin' yet.

"We have to start thinking positively and we have to stop attacking Republicans," the 21-year-old student in Minnesota said in one posting. "We just need to stand up for the Democratic Party," he says in another.
As Republicans fight to keep control of Congress, both parties hope to mobilize young voters who turned out in record numbers in the 2004 presidential election and are considered one of the wild cards in November's congressional races.

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