Saturday, September 16, 2006

Wandering Wheels Seniors - Kymco 50cc Scooters - Motorcyclist Magazine

Wandering Wheels Seniors - Kymco 50cc Scooters - Motorcyclist Magazine

File under: You are never too old to do something crazy!

Kymco's reviews just seem to get better and better. But I have to say that when Jes and I were shopping for boots at a local Suzuki dealership, we killed some time sitting on the available scooters. They had pretty much the whole range of Kymcos, and while I like the lines of the Peoples, I found there wasn't enough room for my long legs on the floorboards. I can't see riding for long in barstool posture that the tall seats and short floorboards force you into. The Xcitings were much more comfortable, if I could just get over my prejudices against maxi-scooter styling.

On July 7, when 23 scooters, mostly KYMCO 50cc models, pulled into Myrtle Beach, SC, the jubilant group of riders organized by "Wandering Wheels" celebrated a dream come true. They had just successfully two-wheeled across the USA on back roads: 3500 miles in 20 days.
It was a truly amazing feat made more incredible by two other facts: nearly all of the riders were between 65 and 80 years old, and the large majority had made the trip with only 50cc displacement engines!

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