Sunday, September 17, 2006

Reversible Trike conversion for your Maxi-Scooter

Official Hompage of Tow-Pac, Inc. InstaTrike / MiniTrike

It looks like this is primarily for the Japanese Maxi-Scoots, but give them a call if you are really interested. It involves the installation of an attachment hitch, and then the extra wheels can be attached and removed as the mood strikes you. They claim you will lose 2-3 mpg fuel efficiency and the bike will be about 20% stiffer. Available with 8" or 12" wheels, I think these look pretty slick on the "rolling lazee-boy" style Maxi-Scooters. Sounds like a good deal for those foul-weather year-round riders like myself. When the weather and roads get nasty, just throw on the "training wheels" for some extra stability and peace of mind. Of course then you will have to deal with the "training wheel" jokes, but hey, you've already developed a tough skin from riding that "moped", right?

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