Wednesday, September 20, 2006

I'm Taking My Country Back

Honkey Tonkers for Truth, now there's group the Dragon can get behind! Their website seems to be down, but the video is on Google and YouTube. Hmmm... I guess we are seeing it in this mid-term election, but I think 2008 is gonna be the Web 2.0 election, with YouTube and MySpace, and test messaging playing at least a big a role as print, television, and static websites.
Thanks go out to WesPAC and the Hillbilly Report (Another right fine name!)

UPDATE: I changed the embedded link to YouTube, as Google is now saying the video is unavailable. I'm not trying to be paranoid here, but it's strange that it disappeared off Google in a matter of hours, and now the only comment on YouTube is derogatory. Something's sketchy here, even if it is just a server overload.

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