Friday, September 22, 2006

Ain't no Pope-mobile

Richard Hammond rides across water in Jeep

Richard Hammond, that infectiously squirly Brit who hosts the Carver clip I posted recently, recently sustained some serious head injuries trying to break the British landspeed record. currently listed as in stable condition, the Dragon is hoping maybe posting this near-miraculous clip will send a minor miracle or two his way.
I guess there are a lot of clips from Hammond's BBC show Top Gear on You Tube out there, so you might be seeing more of him here in coming days. Sounds like he might be a little speed obsessed, which isn't the Dragon's normal cup of tea. Heck, that's why I like scooters, a safe traffic speed feels like flying, when you're comfortably perched on 150ccs. But I gotta admit, Hammond's enthusiasm for freaky transportation makes me feel like a kid again.

thanks to Jalopnik for turning me on to this. Jalopnik seems to be keeping up pretty well with the unfolding of Hammond's condition, so check there for updates

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