Friday, September 29, 2006

Modern Vespa : Scootering is assimilating into the general population

Modern Vespa : Scootering is assimilating into the general population

This is a great summation of the joys of a scooter lifestyle. No, he's not a stalker. Yes, scooterists spend a lot of brain power thinking up errands... excuses to ride. Most folks' commutes are stressful draining experiences. Scooterists get to work and home, fresh and cheerful. A scooter is a wonderful stress reliever. You won't really believe it, until you try it.

Yes, I admit it, some of my best scooter-related links come from the fantastic scooter community, online forums. That's why I've added several to my blogroll, in my latest redesign (more on that to follow.) If you haven't checked out ModernVespa, though, you really should. It's a great group of folks, from all walks of life and all generations, they aren't snobby about scooter brands, either. OK, well most are damn fond of their Vespas, but will welcome anyone who shares a joy of step-through two-wheelers. The Dragon transmorgifies into Punkelf, when he's over there.

What I really want to do is get scooters so assimilated that we can truly realize all of the advantages. I think it should be legal to carefully filter to the front in stopped traffic. This is a reasonable wish - it is safe and doesn't inconvenience anyone. I think it should be legal to prudently lane split in certain situations. Not quite as realistic a wish. I think it should be legal to park on sidewalks and in alleys when not blocking anything. Another reasonable wish. I think there should be parking areas set aside for scooters and MC in malls and in every lot over a certain size. Perfectly feasible. If I am sitting on my scooter in a long line of stopped traffic, perhaps in the rain or cold - who will look at me and say "I should get a scooter"? But if I slowly cruise past them while THEY are stuck in stopped traffic and pull my scoot up onto the curb to park where there is no auto-parking nearby - they just may see the benefit of getting rid of their SUV._________________Christine

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