Sunday, September 17, 2006

Bajaj to re-launch scooters

Bajaj to re-launch ungeared scooters

What in the world is going on with scooters in India? LML is in deaththroes, leaving Genuine to seek new scooters from Tiawan. Not that that is necessarily bad, those new Genuine scoots are getting some great reviews, and we in the US are getting some great alternatives to higher priced Japanese and Italian imports and lower quality Chinese disposable bikes. And Bajaj announced awhile back that it was gonna quit making it's Vespa-clones, around the time that every local news source stateside starting running articles about how "hot" scooters are becoming. Had the Indians been paying attention and played their cards right, they could have been a major player in the US scooter market. Now they will have to play catch up. Not complaining, just observing, there will be more scooters on the market, and that's (in Martha's words) "a good thing."

Two-wheeler major Bajaj Auto Ltd, which discontinued production of its only ungeared scooter Wave, will re-enter the segment with a set of ungeared scooters ranging from 75-125 cc in the first quarter of next fiscal.
Bajaj Auto managing director Rajiv Bajaj confirmed to FE the company's move to launch ungeared scooters. Analysts say Bajaj is also working on a 150 cc-ungeared scooter.

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