Sunday, September 17, 2006

Electric and Biodiesel Harleys

JS Online:The hog that hums

This article from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel profiles a couple of different alternative fuel tinkerers who are committing that ultimate sacrilege, muting the trademark Harley sound. Heck, if I could get an electric Harley, stuffed into the scooter hawg custom frame, I might actually consider owning a Harley. (Yes, I know, I blaspheme, a biker must be a rebel, a non-conformfist who rides the same bike as every other biker.) There are some good ideas in this story, though. Like the guy who runs a biodiesel generator in a sidecar. I'm surprised I haven't seen that, or an electric Harley trike before.
... Hmmm... Electric Harley Scooter Trike... with a camper trailer covered in solar panels, with base 1 foot deep with batteries...

Carl Vogel of Long Island, N.Y., says forget the sound. He has modified a Harley-Davidson chassis so that it houses 560 pounds of lead-acid batteries and an electric motor - capable of reaching 85 mph, but sounding like an electric golf cart.
Vogel, an inventor-entrepreneur with a passion for alternative fuels, said he was afraid that other Harley enthusiasts would snub his bike because it was so odd. It resembles a regular motorcycle, but the lack of a gasoline engine, and the electric solar panel behind the seat, are immediate signs that it's a very different animal.

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